The Art of hearth

Our philosophy

WOODman company develops and offers to customers decorative firewood that makes stylish home interior and follows the needs of sophisticated client. The company does not use standard approaches but is fully engaged in development of product line, design and materials for new luxury products.

Brand’s Philosophy

WOODman is a new Russian brand with «rich» philosophy. We agree that it is possible to produce rural conventional firewood, but we should not forget that they also may keep pace with innovation and be used to global trends and fashion, like everything in our world. Today there is a huge difference even between such terms as good firewood and «haute couture» that we create!


It may seem simple only at first sight: to cut down and to saw the tree -, but actually the chic and luxuriance of our products is a result of our continuous experiments with shapes, materials and techniques in search of ideal firewood for the privileged.We create every item as a perfect sample and process it only manually. The master carefully removes dirt, knots and snags, polishes and customizes it. The product becomes smooth with even and beautiful edges, with natural but sensitive color.

Good deeds

We permanently take part in charity programs. Every month we donate 5% of WOODman firewood sales revenue to the Beauty and Mercy Charity Fund. This Fund specializes in help to children deprived of parental care and children with serious diseases.

Our products

We produce premium high quality fireplace wood right up your alley. As the design is actually the reflection of personal style, we offer you to choose collections and new models of wood which are made of high quality materials,  perfectly processed with neat shapes and exclusiveness.

Specifications of  WOODman firewood: alder, 10 pieces in a pack, weight 6...6.5 kg, length 32 cm.

Clients and partners

The company carefully selects partners and cooperates with reputable and ambitious organizations only. As a result all products of the company have a zest that differs them from the majority of others wooden articles in the market.

Contact us

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You may also select and buy WOODman firewood from our partners in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

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